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Snowshoeing tour - Lofoten Norway

SNOWSHOEING TOURS are a great way to experience a world of silence and explore Lofoten more removed areas. Lofoten archipelago has endless trails on mountain ridges or along the ocean coast and lakes, with truly some of the best alpine and ocean views in all of Norway. During our guided Lofoten snowshoeing trip you will be rewarded with stunning arctic landscapes and a winter fjord views.


Meeting point: Depending on your place of accommodation and weather conditions we will choose the best place for the meeting to satisfy your needs and expectations. 

Duration: 3 hours snowshoeing in the beautiful nature

Included: Transportation, guided snowshoe hiking in Lofoten, snowshoe rental, hot beverages/tea/and biscuits.


You will receive introductions on the use of snowshoes and on the tour location before the hike. If you can walk, you can snowshoe, it is easy! Your guide will ensure your safety and enjoyment during the day.

Private guided snowshoe tours are a perfect way to spend time with friends and family and enjoy the beauty of Lofoten arctic nature. Snowshoe is a great tool for everyone from kids to experienced hikers to reach and conquer the peaks and true winter scenery of Lofoten. Take the day at your pace, and with our experienced guide enjoy the arctic scenery.

Tour description

We will choose the best location in your area, or if you have any preferences please let us know in the comments.. Your guide will instruct you on how to walk comfortably with snowshoes, and you will hear about the history behind the snowshoes. Depending on your expectations and weather conditions the guide will take you to the best place for snowshoeing in Lofoten to fully enjoy your adventure.


During the snowshoe hike, your guide will also share information about the dramatic nature and Lofoten life style of the past to present, and the distinctive culture in the area. You will pass numerous viewpoints along the way where you can see the deep Lofoten fjords and rough mountains towards the beautiful horizon of the ocean. You may see mayestic Eagles or perhaps whales and orcas along the coast. Lofoten snowshoeing is an experience where you can reveal many of the arctic wonders.

The hike on snowshoes takes about 1-2.5 hours the rest is reserved for transport. Snow shoe tour can be fitted to your fitnes or ability level. We can walk along the coast or hike up to the mountains. The trip requires no previous experience. Guided snowshoe trip is perfect for families with kids up to experienced adventurers eager to reach the hights of Lofoten mountains. If you want to see magnificent panoramic views then our Full Day Snowshoe Tour is for you. It includes the option to go up one of the peaks of Lofoten and see the breathtaking landscape from the unique perspective.


And how to book the best snowshoe tours near me? It is easy, just send us a message to arrange the Full Day Snowshoe Tour or book now our half day showshoeing tour below! Lofoten Snowshoe Tour is for 2 up to 4 participants. Please, contact us for a different group size or individual snowshoe tour. For a larger groups we can offer special price.


Important: Please mind the cold wind and dress warm as the temperatures will be very low during the winter months, but not too warm as the snowshoe hike is an activity which will warm you up! Best is to wear more layers of clothes, recomended is a wool base layer, wool mid layer and proper wind/waterproof top layer shell, gloves, hat and warm socks and good hiking shoes/boots.

Price: 890 NOK

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