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Designed outdoor adventure trips

We have prepared adventure trips to Japan, Norway and Morocco. Are you a fan of kayaking, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, or you love adventure traveling and want to explore your opportunities?

Lofoten - Norway trips


Land of Trolls... that's maybe the reason why we like it so much! Norway is one of the most beautiful places in the world and Lofoten is the top destination in Norway.  Lofoten archipelago located above the arctic circle is a unique place that never lets you get bored. Crystal clear ocean and steep mountains. Here you can do all kinds of outdoor activities you can think about! Norway offers great surfing, excellent skiing and snowboarding, perfect paddle, and gorgeous bike trails.

800p _MG_3375.jpg

Lofoten Ski and SURF

10 days

  • Skiing, surfing

3300 EUR


Lofoten Ski touring and backcountry skiing

10 days

  • Skiing, snowboarding/splitboarding

3000 EUR

IMG_20210929_170636 edit_edited.jpg

Lofoten Mountain Bike Adventure

 9 days

  •  Mountain biking, surfing, kayaking, fishing, hiking

3100 EUR

Jízda na kajaku do západu slunce

Kayaking and hiking in Lofoten

 8 days

  • kayaking and hiking

price on asking

Japan Trips 


Japan is powder heaven with up to 20 meters of snowfall per season. It is not just about high snow quantity but the highest quality! Often, it snows when is around -15 or -20°C and that is the guarantee of the driest powder. You should check this place out! 

We have designed two trips which cover the most famous ski resorts in Japan as well as the best freeride areas.


Hokkaido freeride snowboarding & skiing trip


10 days

  • skiing and snowboarding

from 2500 EUR

Foggy Lake

Hokkaido freeride road trip  


11 days 

  • travel and ski around Hokkaido 

from 2500 EUR

Morocco Trip


We love this place because of wonderful conditions for surfing and mountain biking, fantastic food, mystique Sahara Desert and because of the great spirit of the Berber culture!

From late October until early January, Morocco is the best place where to be. During this time there is a perfect swell and nice weather for biking. So we have prepared a trip for you which is a combination of both!


MTB and surfing


10 days

  • Mountain biking and surfing

2500 EUR

General Information About trips 

Please beware of adequate safety equipment, gear, and clothes as well as travel insurance. Of course, we can help you to choose all the best requisites for the trip.

Please keep in mind, that designed outdoor activities depend on weather conditions a lot, so we reserve the right to change the trip itinerary.

Before the trip, every participant must sign up to Release and waiver of liability, assumption of risk, and indemnity agreement. 

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