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SKI touring in Lofoten, Norway

Days full of ski touring and backcountry skiing, snowboarding and splitboarding in the most stunning archipelago Lofoten, located in Norway high above the Arctic Circle. The evenings are reserved for the Aurora Borealis and a bonfire with barbeque on the beach. Freeriding and ski touring - that's what this trip is about! You will be amazed by the scenery of snow-covered dramatic peaks rising up from Lofoten turquoise ocean and during the nights you will experience the best light show on the planet - the phenomenon of Aurora Borealis. And we make sure you will get the most out of the most stunning archipelago you can imagine, including fishing trip by boat and much more...! Check out this ultimate ski holidays in Norway.

We will do ski touring a lot! We can try surfing in the arctic ocean as well! We will go to chase the Aurora Borealis. We will set up a bonfire by the ocean and have a barbeque.  We will go fishing by boat as this is a part of Norwegian history and an important role in Lofoten life and culture which you should taste. So if you like to eat fish or seafood this is a place to be. We will also take you to the beautiful little old fishing villages and Viking museum and you can visit many of local art galleries and caffe.

Lofoten is an archipelago in Norway located high above the Arctic Circle. There is evidence of human settlement extending back at least 11,000 years. In Lofoten you can find maybe the biggest Viking settlement and fishing is a tradition here going on for hundreds or maybe even thousands of years. Lofoten islands are famous for their beauty and preserved wilderness, it is the top destination for any outdoor activity on land and the ocean.

Duration:     10 Days / 9 Nights 
Meeting:       Lofoten Islands, Northern Norway
Price:           3000 EUR


  • Accommodation & transport
    Mostly we stay in traditional Rorbuer, a typical Norwegian type of seasonal house used mainly by fishermen. Transport will be provided by van.
  • Length & itinerary
    Kayaking and hiking trip in Lofoten is designed for 8 days, you can find a detailed itinerary below. The exact schedule may vary due to the weather conditions but we are prepared for any kind of situation and there is always plenty of activities like mountain biking we can do to meet your desires. ​ Day 1 - Meeting in Moskenes at the ferry. Then we go for a little walk, we visit the local Museum of Fishing, then we transfer to Reine. We stay in Reine for the night in a traditional cozy Rorbuer. We can go for a walk around this beautiful fishing village. ​ Day 2 - We go kayaking in the morning. We will cross the fjord by kayaks and then do a hike to the remote beach for lunch or optional hike to one of the peaks. Then we paddle back and transfer to another cozy accommodation in Fredvang or Ramberg. ​ Day 3 - We start paddling in the morning. We take lunch on an abandoned little island and we return in the afternoon. We will sleep in the same accommodation and focus on Aurora Borealis. ​ Day 4 - We do a wonderful hike to the scenic mountain and then descend to the beach with white sand and turquoise water. We return in the afternoon and transfer to our new accommodation. ​ Day 5 - Paddling from the morning till the lunch which we take in a local restaurant. In the afternoon we will hike the mountain located above two stunning beaches. Then transfer to new accommodation. ​ Day 6 - We paddle in the area of nice small islands, white sand beaches and steep mountains rising from the ocean. We take lunch on the beach and keep paddling in the afternoon or hike a famous mountain trail, depending on your preferences. ​ Day 7 - After breakfast, we drive to Svolvær to get in kayaks and paddle along the coast to the abandoned island for lunch and a little walk. After lunch, we continue paddling in shallow waters and Caribbean looking beaches to the Island of Skrova where we stay for the night. ​ Day 8 - After breakfast, we easily start paddling back to Svolvær. We take lunch on the coast. In an early evening, we take the passenger ferry back to Bodo.
  • Trip activities
    With sea eagles above you and crystal clear water with abundant marine life beneath you, sea kayaking in Lofoten is a spectacular experience you should not miss. And the same applies to hike. Every peak offers a spectacular 360 degrees view to the surrounding landscape which is probably the most beautiful scenery in the world. ​ From big viewpoints to remote beaches and challenging summits, every day you will experience something very special. And it is not all! Lofoten is magic during the nights as well. Aurora Borealis is creating a unique and breathtaking light show almost every night.
  • Safety Kayaking
    Lofoten is far north, at 68°N. The clothing should be chosen accordingly and it is each participants’ responsibility. How you choose to dress up will have a great impact both for your own safety and enjoyment of the trip. ​ Typical Lofoten weather means that there can be two seasons in the same week! The average temperature in July for the Lofoten is + 12.8°C and in January it is around - 1°C. Summer days with the weather of + 30°C or + 4°C do not come every year, but they are not so abnormal. In summer, it is also important that you bring along sunscreen for the hot sunny days as well as warm clothing for the colder days. With the damp and raw air that we get here, it is important to take appropriate clothes on. You can paddle in your own gear or we can provide rent of drysuit.
  • terms
    For group bookings we can offer different dates, just send us a message.
  • Price & Group Size
    The trip is designed for max 8 people and the price depends on group size. For more information do not hesitate to ask!
  • Amazing Arctic landscape

  • Chance of seeing aurora borealis

  • Fantastic mountains to ride

  • Stay in the traditional little fishing village with unique vibes

  • Taste of fresh fish and local seafood

  • Fishing trip and barbeque on the beach under the stars and perhaps Aurora borealis


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