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MTB and surfing in Morocco

If you like surfing then for sure you will like Morocco and if you like mountain biking then you will like Morocco as well. And if you like both of those activities you will love Morocco the same as we do! This place is just beyond your expectations. Morocco offers world-class waves and top mountain bike terrain.

Accommodation & transport


We stay in a beautiful local style Riad hotels or apartments and transport you by van.

Length & itinerary


This is a 10 days trip, we will pick you up at Marrakech airport. Depending on the weather conditions, we go surfing or we move to the Atlas Mountains for MTB. It's a small group trip so we can be more flexible in the search for waves and MTB trails.

Trip activities


In the months of October, November, December, and January there is a guarantee of a great swell constantly hitting the coast. During these months the weather is great also for mountain biking as it is still sunny but not extremely hot. Usually, it is just fine for a t-shirt and shorts for biking and a 3/2 wetsuit for surfing. 


We will mostly surf near famous spots of Immesouane and Taghazout but we can also go to some secrets places and visit some local fisherman's villages. For our MTB adventures, we move to the Atlas Mountains, which offers the best MTB lines ever! We can arrange surf and bike rental for you if needed. 

Price & Group Size


The price depends on the group size and on preferred activities. Do not hesitate to ask for more details!


"We spent really great time in Morocco with Cyril both surfing and biking. He also showed us some typical local street market which is so colorful!"

Dani & Tom

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