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SKI and SURF Trip to Lofoten, Norway

My perfect day is to wake up at the morning and go for a surf session. After lunch, climb and ski some incredible mountains and in the evening have a bonfire and barbeque on the beach and watch the Aurora Borealis. And that's what this trip is about! Only in Lofoten offer world-class skiing and snowboarding as well as top surfing at the same time. During the day you will be amazed by the scenery of snow-covered dramatic peaks rising up from Lofoten turquoise waters and during the nights you will experience the best light show on the planet - the phenomenon of Aurora Borealis. And we make sure you will get the most out of the most stunning archipelago you can imagine.

We will do ski touring and snowboard touring, we will surf a lot. We will go to chase the Aurora Borealis. We will set up a bonfire by the ocean and have a barbeque.  We will go fishing by boat as this is a part of Norwegian history and an important role in Lofoten life and culture which you should taste. So if you like to eat fish or seafood this is a place to be. We will also take you to the beautiful little old fishing villages and Viking museum or art galleries.

Lofoten is an archipelago in Norway located high above the Arctic Circle. There is evidence of human settlement extending back at least 11,000 years. In Lofoten you can find maybe the biggest Viking settlement and fishing is a tradition here going on for hundreds or maybe even thousands of years. Lofoten islands are famous for their beauty and preserved wilderness, it is the top destination for any outdoor activity on land and the ocean.

Dates:           february 24 - MARCH 5, 2023
Duration:     10 Days/9 Nights 
Meeting:       NORWAY - Svolvær or Svolvær Airport
Price:           3300 EUR


  • Amazing Arctic landscape

  • Chance of seeing aurora borealis

  • Fantastic mountains to ride

  • Fantastic waves to surf

  • Stay in the traditional little fishing village with unique vibes

  • Taste of fresh fish and local seafood

  • Fishing trip and barbeque on the beach under the stars and perhaps Aurora borealis


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