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My story is one woven with the mountains since I can remember. The peaks and valleys have been my home. Skiing became my passion at a mere two or three years old, swiftly followed by snowboarding at seven. Summers were spent conquering bike trials, each season a new adventure in the great outdoors.

My journey began as a ski and snowboard instructor, guiding others through the snowy landscapes of the Alps. Later, I found myself shaping snow parks and designing experiences in Japan, where I eventually became a lead cat skiing guide.

The call of the Norwegian coast led me to embrace a new challenge as a sea kayak guide, immersing myself in the beauty of Northern Norway each summer. From the rhythmic dance of the ocean to the thrill of surfing, I found my passion intertwined with the elements.

Over the years, I've guided winters in Japan and Norway, exploring freeride havens across Europe and beyond. Along the way, I've accumulated a wealth of professional certifications, ensuring safety and excellence in every adventure.

Driven by a desire to do things differently, I founded my own venture, committed to elevating the outdoor experience. My love for outdoor sports is mirrored by my respect for nature, driving me to share the beauty of our world while advocating for its preservation.

Come and join us! We explore the mountains, oceans, and beyond. Together, let's embark on a journey of discovery and adventure.




Cyril Adamek

Professional & Safety Courses

  • IFSKGIA Sea Kayak Guide and Instructor (Norway)

  • Ski Instructor Association of Professional Ski Instructors

  • World Snowboard Federation – Snowboard Instructor Level 3

  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (Malaysia)

  • Wilderness First Responder 80 hrs

  • Lecturer of First Aid (Czech Republic)

  • Rescue and Avalanche Training by JMGA (Japan)

  • Lector of Developing Education Humanitarian Organization ADRA (Prague, Czech Republic)

  • SAAC Avalanche training (Austria)

I saw what works and what does not. I wanted to do things a little bit differently and better. I decided to found my own project. Cooperate with people I respect and do what I believe is right.

My love for an outdoor sport led me to love our environment. I realize that without nature, snow, and oceans I could not do what I love the most and I could not be where I love it!

I want to show you what I love. ​

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