MTB adventure in Lofoten, Norway

Lofoten Islands in Norway offer perfect areas for mountain biking lovers. As a bonus, you can enjoy kayaking, surfing or fishing. So let’s go for a great adventure!

Accommodation & transport


We will stay in hostels or in typical Norwegian Fisherman's cabin called Rorbuer. Depending on the group preferences we choose the right place to stay over the night. We will transport you by van.

Length & itinerary


This trip is designed for 9 days in total including 1 day off which can be spent on surfing, fishing, kayaking, hiking or just relax. 

Day 1 - Arrival, pick up at the Evenes Airport. The best time to arrive is around the afternoon, then we go to Narvik.

Day 2 - Mountain biking in the slick rock paradise near Narvik.

Day 3 - We will spend this day close to Harstad, at the gates of Vesterålen and Lofoten. It is a perfect single track area.

Day 4 - Day 7 - We will spend 3 days in Vestvågøy island, enjoying the beauty and great terrain opportunities. We choose the right place and the date for the day off, depending on the group preferences. E.g. if you wish to go surfing we will stay in Unstad or if you prefer to go fishing or kayaking we will stay on the south coast of the Lofoten Islands. The day off will be non-guided.

Day 8 - Day 9 - We will spend 2 days in Svolvær.

Trip activities


Mountain biking

Surfing, kayaking, fishing, hiking



2020, June 6th - June 14th

2020, June 20th - June 28th

2020, August 1st - August 9th 

2020, August 15nd - August 23th

Price & Group Size


This trip is designed for 6 persons at a minimum and 8 persons at maximum.

The price is approx. 2500 €/person.


"We were biking in paradise. Challenging but beautiful Lofoten archipelago was an excellent choice for our trip and Cyril knows the place very well." 

Katy and Peter M.

"We were on an excellent mountain bike trip with Cyril in Lofoten, Norway. He is a very experienced and skilled guide who knows the terrain very well."

Pat and Sofi

Mountain biking in Lofoten Islands, Norway