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A perfect trail and stunning landscape lit by the golden Midnight sun is a remarkable experience. Arctic archipelago Lofoten is a truly incredible place.  Thanks to the high latitude above Arctic Circle the Sun never sets in Lofoten. Enjoy the beauty of the Lofoten scenery during the unique and mesmerizing light conditions from your bike seat! This is a must adventure for any biker visiting Lofoten!

SEASON, TIMES, duration and skills

The half of May till half of August

Daily at 21:00 / 9.00pm 

3-4 Hours Trip

For INTERMEDIATE skilled mountain bikers

Meeting point

  • Torvdalsveien on the E10 route. Parking next to the big house. Torvdalsveien 23, 8360 Bøstad


Terrain and Difficulty

The ideal trail for Intermediate mountain bike riders. The total uphill is around 400 meters. The first part is mostly to push the bike uphill, the second part is possible to pedal up. The top section is a fast trail with dry loose rocks mixed with soil base trail. The middle and bottom part of the trail is steeper terrain offering fun obstacles. At one point the trails split and you can choose between more advanced steep technical terrain on rocks or staying on a less steep intermediate line. 


  • Helmet

  • Full suspension bike 

  • Extra clothes like wind or rain jacket

  • Water and food/snacks


Recommended are:

  • extra protection like knee and elbow pads,

  • spine protector,

  • gloves etc 


The guide will carry a first aid kit and tools for basic bike repairs.

For this tour, you can rent a full suspension bike Trek Slash 8 for 400 NOK

Price: 1690 NOK

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