SKI'n'SURF Trip to Lofoten, Norway

My perfect day would be to wake up and go for a surf session. After lunch, climb and ski some incredible mountains and in the evening have a bonfire and bbq by the beach and watch the aurora borealis. And that's what this trip is about! There are only a few places on Earth that can offer world-class skiing and snowboarding as well as top surfing at the same time. Lofoten is a very unique place where the ocean meets the mountains. During the day you will be amazed by the scenery of snow-covered dramatic peaks rising up from Lofoten turquoise waters and during the nights you will experience the best light show on the planet - the phenomenon of Aurora Borealis. And we make sure you will get the most out of the most stunning archipelago you can imagine.


The fact that this trip combines water and mountain activity gives us higher chances to avoid any days when it is not possible to be active outdoors. Lofoten can sometimes be really hard on the weather. We know that. We also know time is precious and it is not fun to lose days on your holidays because of the weather. Rather than go against the weather we go with the flow and simply depend on what is the best for the day. As usual when it is not good for skiing or snowboarding it is good for surfing and the opposite. 

This trip is designed for a small group of 6 participants per guide. In a small group, we can be more flexible and adapt to all the conditions and needs.


We will ski and snowboard, we will surf a lot. We will go to chase the Aurora Borealis. We will set up a bonfire by the ocean and have a BBQ.  We will go fishing by boat as this is a part of Norwegian history and an important role of Lofoten life and culture which you should taste. So if you like to eat fish or seafood this is a place to be. We will also take you to the beautiful little old fishing villages and Viking museum or art galleries.  


Mountain guide with the worlds highest qualification IFMGA/UIAGM will take care of the skiing and the splitboarding program. You will be riding the best lines of Lofoten with the most experienced guide. The ISA surf coach will take care of the surfing program. If you are new to surfing or just need a little refresh to your skills you will get 3 beginner surf lessons including video analysis! We will be surfing at the famous Unstad beach which offers great conditions for all the levels. Unstad is a sand bottom beach break and has also two point breaks, left-handed and right-handed. Beach break with sand is great for beginners and intermediate surfers and the points on the sides has a boulder/rocky bottom and can provide world-class waves. If the swell gets too big we can choose an alternative not too powerful beach break or one of the secret spots around Lofoten Archipelago. We are sure you will not forget this trip but we also know that back home nobody is going to believe what you have done up here. So a professional photographer will take photos from the trip for you to have some evidence for friends and family. 


Our home for the entire stay will be the charming fishing village of Henningsvær in twin or double rooms with a kitchen and fridge. Henningsvær has the most well-preserved architecture of the traditional Norwegian villages, quirky cafes and restaurants, a club with the most beautiful dancefloor view, several galleries, and a burgeoning adventure scene. The great vibes of this place make it an ideal place for our base. In the evening you can relax and regenerate in a modern sauna just by the ocean. 

What is included in the price:


Accommodation - 9 nights / 2 people per room


4 days of skiing/splitboarding/snowboarding guided by IFMGA/UIAGM guide


4 / 5 days of guiding and surfing with ISA surf instructor and 3 beginner surf lessons including video analysis


Rental of a surf gear-surf board, a wetsuit with hood 6/5 mm, gloves, shoes for 4 days


Northern lights/Aurora Borealis trip


Professional Photographer


The fishing trip by boat


BBQ on the beach


Pick up from Svolvær or Svolvær Airport  


Entry to the Viking Museum

What is not covered in the price:


Flight tickets / transport to meeting point in Svolvær


Pick up from another airport than Svolvær. For example Evenes Airport or Leknes ferry terminal in Moskenes. Please ask and we will arrange. 


Ski touring gear, Avalanche gear, Avalanche airbags, Splitboard or snowboard


Meals and Alcohol




Activity on the last day - Sunday 13th of March (ask us and we can arrange anything you will like)



LOCATION: Lofoten Islands, Northern Norway


DURATION: 9 nights / 4 days of skiing / snowboarding and 4/5 days of surfing


DATES: March 4 - March 13 2022




DIFFICULTY: intermediate - expert skier, with some ski touring experience, beginner to expert surfer





Day 1 - Friday, March 4

Pick up in Svolvær or Svolvær Airport in the late afternoon and transport to our accommodation. Pick up from Evenes Airport may be arranged for an extra charge.


Meet and greet the crew and we go over the week’s agenda. We will spend some time in the evening for detailed avalanche safety and rescue training, to maximize our following ski days. As well we will talk about surfing in Lofoten and about the gear in detail.


Day 2 - Saturday, March 5 - ski/snowboard 

After breakfast starts our first day of skiing, we will spend some time for avalanche safety and rescue training, followed by our first of many peaks. Lunch on the hill. We will return after the whole day of skiing/snowboarding.


Day 3  - Sunday, March 6 - ski/snowboard

Throughout the week we take the opportunity to visit and ski/snowboard new places, giving you the grand tour of the incredible backyard of snow-covered peaks, all without losing sight of the ocean below. After dinner, we will drive to watch the Aurora Borealis.


Day 4  - Monday, March 7 - ski/snowboard

We ski and snowboard the whole morning and afternoon! In theevening you can walk in the beautiful village of Henningsvaer. Visit some galleries or have a beer in local cozy pubs.


Day 5 - Tuesday, March 8 - surf

Our first surfing day! Hurayy !

We go to Unstad and surf the whole morning. After the surf session, we will go on a fishing trip by boat. and return home in the evening.


Day 6 - Wednesday, March 9 - surf/ski/snowboard

In the morning we go for another surf session. After surfing we will have lunch and then go for another Lofoten ski and snowboard adventure. After a whole day of surfing, skiing and snowboarding we go to the beach to make a BBQ and hopefully watch the Aurora Borealis while warming up by the bonfire.  


Day 7 - Thursday, March 10 - surf

In the morning we go surf and in the afternoon we will have a scenic drive to the tip of the Lofoten and explore some of the old fishing villages. 


Day 8 - Friday, March 11 - surf

We will surf the whole morning and after lunch, we will go to see the Viking museum


Day 9 - Saturday, March 12 - surf

We surf again the whole morning and at night we will go to celebrate life. 


Day 10 - Sunday, March 13

It is our last day. We have to check out from the accommodation and depending on everyone's schedule and mood, depending on the departure time for your flights we will see what we can do. It can be just dropped off at the airport or go for a quick surf or ski session. 


This is more of a sample of how it will look in the case of perfect weather conditions. Very likely will happen that the days of skiing and surfing will not fully correspond with this itinerary preview. It all depends on surf and ski conditions.



Your reservation is booked with a 50% deposit. The remaining 50% is due 14 days before your trip.


For surfing, skiing or snowboarding the guide will adjust activities to the weather. No refunds based on inclement weather, there are always backup alternatives available.


Please note that the guide will make every attempt to conduct the trip as planned. However, the guide will not compromise safety if the weather, mountain conditions, or the abilities of the client dictate a change in plan. We will always support more conservative decisions. If you are on a group trip it is your responsibility to judge if your abilities are up to the trip’s level. If you have any doubt contact us or consider a private trip or a training day beforehand. We do reserve the right to remove individuals from group trips if they are not capable of completing the trip in a safe and timely manner.


If the guide is injured or ill, we will find a replacement guide. There will be no cancellation due to a guide being replaced.



60 days before date 50% refund.


Less than 60 days full fee is charged.

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